Ellicott City, Maryland

Ellicott City, Maryland
Ellicott City is an unincorporated community that was founded as a flour mill in 1772 by three Quaker brothers, Andrew, John and Joseph Ellicott. In 1830, it became first terminus of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The railroad station was built from the same locally quarried granite that is evident in many of the structures preserved in the historic old town. Following World War II, it became known as a suburb of Baltimore City. With construction of Columbia that began in 1967, it grew more and more linkages with the new town. However, for many decades its political leanings were decidedly more conservative.

Ellicott City is the seat of Howard County Government as well as the location of the Circuit and District Courts. Ellicott City and Columbia are the major population centers of Howard County. Columbia, Maryland. It has award winning schools that are a part of the Howard County Public School System. Residents have a high average income and educational levels. Money Magazine ranked Ellicott City together with Columbia as 4th in “America’s Best Places to Live”. Ellicott City has a population of over 56,000. It is inclusive and welcoming to diversified populations.

Robert L. Flanagan has been a resident of Ellicott City since 1992. He first opened his law practice in Howard County, Maryland in 1987. He moved his law practice from downtown Baltimore after being elected in 1986 to the Maryland House of Delegates, a part time position that allowed him to continue his law practice. Ellicott City was a part of his legislative district for over 16 years.

Robert L. Flanagan has provided legal services to many Ellicott City individuals and businesses. In the course of 28 years as a lawyer, he has developed a variety of skill sets valuable to his clients. He is a seasoned litigator who has a reputation for effectively and efficiently representing his clients in complex lawsuits. He has a proven track record in achieving excellent results in matters diverse as litigation arising from the savings and loan scandal of the 1980s, business and construction disputes, custody and visitation battles and divorces involving business and property issues.

Robert L. Flanagan is a skilled negotiator who strives to resolves disputes for his clients in order to assist them in managing the cost of litigation and risk. For businesses the cost of litigation may include diversion of business resources that must be devoted to litigation; for individuals it includes the emotional upheaval that may result. Robert L. Flanagan also assists his clients in reviewing and/or preparing contracts and other business documents. His experience as a litigator is helpful in selecting contract language that will protect his clients’ rights and avoid misunderstandings that might lead to future litigation.