An Effective, Experienced Strategic Lawyer

robert-flanagan-228x228Meet Robert L. Flanagan.

When you face legal problems in your personal life or financial relationships, selecting the right lawyer can be a critical decision.

Robert L. Flanagan has record of success in assisting clients not only to survive, but flourish in challenging circumstances. For over three decades he has assisted clients in satisfactorily resolving sometimes overwhelming problems. His family law practice includes divorce, alimony, marital and non marital property, retirement assets, disputed property orders and agreements, child custody and visitation, child support, child kidnapping, contempt, domestic violence protective orders, peace orders, abusive relationships and international aspects of these types of cases.

Since graduating from Harvard University and Cornell Law School, Robert L. Flanagan has developed an excellent reputation for adhering to the highest ethical standards and meeting the needs of his clients in sensitive legal matters.

If you are facing a legal issue and it is important to you that it be handled correctly, accept our invitation to sit down with Robert L. Flanagan for a free initial consultation. Please use the contact form to the right to make an appointment or call him directly at (443) 677 8980.