Child Custody and Visitation

Having been involved in a child custody dispute in the Howard County Circuit Court involving his own children over 20 years ago, Bob Flanagan takes his responsibilities as a child custody attorney very seriously. Your child’s future well being and happiness are paramount to you. Nothing is more important than the best interest of your child. In selecting a child custody lawyer, you want someone who has a proven record in successfully resolving custody and visitation issues.

Robert Flanagan has many years on experience in assisting his clients:

  • Gaining custody and joint custody
  • Developing visitation schedules that promote strong family relationships
  • Ensuring child support awards in accordance with income guidelines

Every child is unique; every family situation is unique. That’s why Bob will carefully listen to you and your concerns regarding your child. Whenever possible he will encourage a collaborative divorce model for reaching an agreement about what is in your child’s best interest. He will work closely with you in devising best case solutions.

Unfortunately, not every custody and visitation issue can be resolved with a collaborative approach. In such instances, the experience and skills of a seasoned family law attorney with both negotiation and litigation experience may crucial. Robert L. Flanagan has the experience and skills to assist his clients, facing difficult circumstances, achieve results that are in the best interest of their children.

If you are facing a challenging custody or visitation issue and it is important to you that it be handled correctly, accept our invitation to sit down with Robert L. Flanagan for a free initial consultation. Please use the contact form to the right to make an appointment.